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One Wife Turned into a Mail Order Bride…Wow

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I am a 60year old man who lost his one and only wife in a car crash 20 years ago, who never fell in love with any other woman even after his wife died. I achieved everything in my life till now, a beautiful family which is comprised of 6 members. I have earned enough already which will help generation and generation of my family.

After my wife died, I took an oath to nurture my children properly and I never let them feel the absence of a mother. I took dropped them off at their school, made breakfast for all four of them, and after that, I went to my office for work.

Being a single father of four children and a overseas business man, I have been constantly busy, and getting married was the last thing I wanted to do. Here you get only talk about legit services because there is no way. The webpage DB says that they discovered the same thing.

Even though every guy has his needs, I never mind one night stands. My children and business became the two most important things in my life then. Get exclusive partner at Eventually my kids grew up, and I sent all of them for higher studies all over the globe. The eldest got married last year, and he’s a video game designer of Ubisoft. That one has always been the geeky one. The only thing is used to see him do was sitting infront of his gaming console and finishing humongous video games within 2 days.

I was always worried about that one, I hardly saw him going outside the house to socialize with the other kids just like the other kids in the neighborhood. Well look at him now, earning a chunk load of money simply by designing computer games. The second one is in Germany studying mechanical engineering, it’s probably his final year, lost track of him.

I still could never find out when he grew up so much. He has always been the smartest among his siblings. Even when he was just a kid, I never had to look after him so much. He’s like the younger version of myself, and I always loved him the most. My third son died after getting himself involved with the cartels of the country.

As at Delightful Blogs as they say…I tried consoling him, but I figured that you can never change someone. So I stopped and let him discover his own path to redemption but I was too late and he got himself killed by the SWAT force. He was shot dead. The youngest son studying in a boarding school where he loves to stay back even during the holidays. I think at one point, our sons get bored of their old dad and finally let go.

Well I have never blamed them, I think this is about humanity. I don’t want to die alone, for which I decided to look for a caring woman who would accompany me, take care of me and my family. Therefore I decided to get married again with a caring woman about whom I learned from a website. I finally chose a lady from Philippines about whom I knew that they are always caring, affectionate, loving and giving. And yes, thankfully I have managed to get the right wife who takes really good care of me. I hope she doesn’t murder me in my sleep and leaves with all the money that I have saved in my safe. Just kidding.